Home Additional information on Verzasca, links. I am not indifferent to Switzerland. Not the least reason is its diversity... Ticino is Italian canton of Switzerland. Verzasca Valley is a valley of green river. Unspeakably marvellous, beautiful place is Verzacsca.
Geneva Lake Blues in Russia
Bottom of the Verzasca Valley. Lago Maggiore's left behind. Lago Maggiore is one of mountain lakes between Switzerland and Italy. Switzerland is a mountains'n'lakes country!
Moving further up along the valley. This is the Verzasca riverbed. The river is quiet in autumn, but quite powerful and wild in spring.
Now, it is tranquil and gentle. A rift. An azure idyll.
Getting closer to Lavertezzo - a very old village in the middle of the valley. I hope it is clear by now why Verzasca (green-water river) is called that way...
That is humble myself on one of Verzasca's rocks. I bathed there. Absolutely freezing water...
The two-arched 16th century bridge at Lavertezzo made from rocks - universal material here. Swiss know how to build properly. In Zermatt, for instance, some chalets are 500 years old!
Lavertezzo. Middle of the Verzasca valley. A house. Even roofs are made from stone plates. This geological rock is called gneiss.
Verzasca. Lavertezzo. No comment.
We are in the furthest village of the Verzasca valley - Sonogno. The age of the majority of the buildings here is more than 400 years. See next picture...
Sonogno is virtually entirely consists of these stone buildings. This style is called 'rustici'. And the rock widely used here as a building material - gneiss is a stratified near-granite.
Same place. A part of stone fence, or more specifically stone plank entwined with flowers.
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