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It's nice to start traveling over Provence from small town Orange. One of the most beautiful Roman constructions in Europe, an ancient theatre is situated there.
Try to not pass by the ancient abbey - Abbaye de Senanque, founded in 1148. It is especially beautiful there in the summer when lavender blossoms. Such a beauty and aroma!
It is a courtyard of Abbaye de Senanque. Here are monks go around many hundreds years, being in the mood of contemplation and dialogue with the God.
Going further we come to Rousillon - small settlement located in a high lands.
Sands and loams of inimitable colors and shades give this settlement an especial charm.
These are those sands and loams which provide local artists and potters with materials and inspiration.
I am not sure, whether that Rousillon or not. Don't  remember...
Rousillon at a sunset. I thought before, that Dutch artists paint only unreal landscapes  (just like our artists from Mstera) - settlements on abrupt hills like mushrooms.
And this picture is from another fairy tale. Remember? - And whose these fields? Puss in Boots. Charles Perrault. The French, by the way. Sunflowers blossom.
This is Gordes - the yet another fantastic picture. Here are very many good and inexpensive small hotels - rooms with breakfast. Abbaye de Senanque  is nearby too.
One can't feel Provence  and get a truly impression of it without little rooms (Chambres d'hotes) with very specific French breakfast ... in a such small house.
Well and here I am - in such a Chambres d'hotes, Hiding from a terrible tree.
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