Home Paris! It's hard to surprise with it. Well, I've found its roofs amusing. Maybe because I lived under a roof myself... In Paris, food is tasty and people get used to eat at the table from proper plates, not by hands. Girls in Paris are nice.
Tunguska Provence
That was a view from our window. Roofs. As I remarked.
And this what I saw after rain... Rainbow above Paris' roofs. I like that.
Eiffel Tower is commonplace in all Paris descriptions. I'd rather to avoid that, but the sight of roofs from it is worth showing!
Yet another photo from the Eiffel Tower. Paris. From horizon to horizon. In fact, where Seine (river) isn't seen anymore, the suburbs begin.
Seine, Seine - the river of Paris. People live on it too! There are small boats and barges, the lovers of water travelling are living in.
Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the most famous catholic  cathedral in Europe. View from Seine.
A huge arch in the new trade centre of Paris. La Defence. North-west.
La Grande Arche de la Defense is erected as a contemporary replay to the last century masters' creation - Arc de Triomphe. The arches are situated within the direct vision of each other, on the line of Avenue des Champs Elysees.
This unusual fountain near Georges Pompidou cultural centre in Paris was made by Swiss sculptors: Jean Tingurly and Niki de Saint-Phally (husband and wife).
Numerous small restaurants, cafe, sandwich-bars, etc is the essence of Paris. As I have already notices, Frenchmen don't eat running.
Oops! Who's that I got in my camera? Probably some overseas tourist... But still, see there are five cafe-restaurants in just one little street corner!
Well, that is me, sitting somewhere on Montmartre...
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