Home Additional information on Mstera, links. As you may know, Russians like to have second house in countryside, so is my lovely village Mstera (Mstiora) (video). Everything here stimulates understanding of relativity of any goal. Mstera is also famous for its miniature lacquer boxes.
Blues in Russia Solovki
This shed-like funny building is for rinsing cloths out.
This is our small Russian Orthodox Church.
My mom, stoning cherry on our veranda.
This is the view of old school and Russian Orthodox temple (need renovation after soviet times).
Boys, fishing in our lovely small river -'Msterka' (if you still think to work in banking, then do!)
Women coming back from firlds.
An old wooden well.
Country women are rinsing their cloths.
That is me in our yard.
There is a place for everybody at our small river. Children play, women work, and men philosophise alone at water. And only fussy from city would think that this countryman is fishing...
But how could you escape from philosophising about life, when you are far from hectic life, there is a quiet evening, beautiful sunset,  everything is calm and pacifying.
Last moments of sundown.
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