Home Helsinki as you may know is the capital of Finland. I just love this country. Very cool, natural and philosophical country. So is Helsinki.
Corsica Lapland
Stockmann in Helsinki is like Kremlin in Moscow - the very center of the capital.
Gulf of Finland, nice little islands are just in the center of Helsinki.
Cafe-bar-restourant 'Kappeli' near fish market. Don't miss opportunity to order rendeer with cranberry there. Well, and beer of course.
The nicest place to enjoy fireplace on Chrismas eve is a house in Finland - the Santa Claus' motherland.
This still life is dedicated to Finland.
Gulf of Finland. Beutiful view, isn't it? Actually, you see it when walking from 'Kappeli' to 'Ursula'.
The best thing you can do near often chilly Gulf of Finland is to have a cup of hot chocolate in cafe 'Ursula', enjoing great view.
This beutiful street in Helsinki is called 'Huvilakatu'. It is very famous one, guess why?
One of the best beer is Finnish KOFF (former Russian Sinebrychoff). Distribution in Helsinki.
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