Home Lake of Geneva is the biggest and probably the most beautiful lake in Europe (C-Clearwater-R). And Geneva is the capital of Switzerland (joke), a country from a fairy tale (seriously).
Lapland Verzasca
Geneva Lake (Lac Leman) is like Baikal Lake, but in Europe.
This fountain in Geneva is perhaps, the greatest in the world. Quite impressive, isn't it?
Geneva is situated where Geneva Lake is already transforming into river Rhone. Frenchmen make the best wine in its valley.
This day - Escalade has been celebrating since 1602. On that day, when Geneva was an independent state, an old Swiss babushka protected her country from guileful Frenchmen.
She not only spotted enemies at yearly morning, but also fearlessly emptied a huge cauldron of soup on their heads, which forced the enemy to retreat the army.
Since then, Genevans make their parades, cast cauldrons from chocolate, fearlessly slash them by swords and eat them with hot soup and chestnuts all night.
 This picture is taken near Preverenges - a small village between Geneva and Lausanne.
 Lausanne is a beautiful and very sunny town in canton Vaud (where, by the way, you can eat a wonderful speciality from cheese -
It is nice to start our small water trip from Lausanne... That's me. Having eaten Malakoff with white wine, I enjoy Swiss landscapes, and do not know yet that soon I shell have to work.
We are moving to east along vineyards to Veve where Charlie Chaplin lived, to Montreux, where Nabokov lived...
Swiss riviera. We are near Montreux.
Now we are in Montreux the town of festivals. It's time to take this toy-looking train and to go back to Geneva. You can enjoy mountains and the lake now from windows.
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