Home Additional information on Corsica, links. Corsica is a part of France, but it doesn't seem to think this way... Sea is warm and gentle, but next moment it's subtle and fierce just like Corsicans. Towns are from ferry-tails. The best way to travel around the island is by yacht.
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A bay near Calvi. One can fly here on a jet from Nice and rent a yacht (with a captain). Enjoy!
The medieval fort in Calvi doesn't look real. Well, its good place to start the voyage around Corsica. It takes about three weeks.
If one chooses to go along the west coast, from Calvi to Bonifacio (via Ajaccio) and back, that will tale two weeks. This is Bonifacio's fort-wall. Landscapes facilitate fortification here.
Bonifacio is based on a huge digged sandstone plateau. Its cliffs are very impressive.
Clearly, if one would drink coffee at this balcony everyday, he would value the freedom the most. I doubt, that this person would have an idea of working say at a bank...
Cats are also free here. Free to rest in the shadow and free to breed.
There is a long gulf on the another side of Bonifacio. This gulf is a natural harbour for many yachts. There is a military tower as well...
Here is inner Bonifacio gulf view from the fort wall.
Well, it's time to come back to Calvi to catch the plane. We will stop in Ajaccio, Napoleon's place of birth.
There is some work in yacht when whether is fine. And that going to be troublesome during the storm. Corsica by thy way is notorious in 9-scale Mediterranean hurricanes.
West cost. Near Bonifacio.
During a storm one is better off in the harbour of safe bay. There are only three of them in the west coast: Calvi, Bonifacio and Ajaccio. Yachts in the Ajaccio's port.
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